Create Graphical Text Annotations


The gallery is a collection of annotated screenshots, illustrating the app in use.

Click on the images to view them closer.


The annotation window, adjacent to the "Toggle Annotation" button, is editable. Just click on it to edit the text. You can delete the current text and then paste any styled text that is on the clipboard.


Use the Edit menu, or control (or right/left) click on the text, to modify its attributes.



Use the "place" popup at the top of the window to position the annotation's arrow. You can change the size of the height and base of the arrow. You can opt to not have an arrow too.


You can set the opacity (alpha) or width of the annotation, as shown here.


Change the background and border colors. Change the border thickness, noting that this parameter is related to the view margin parameter. And, you can include graphics.


Here is an example of how we use Annotatings. Most of the screenshots of our products for the Mac App Store and iOS App Store are annoted this way.


Here is an example, where the annotation is used to explain what options are available to you in the Gallery of our iOS app Panorama.


The usual facilities for modifying text font, style and color are shown here. Also shown is the application of the option to not show an arrow, and the annotation becomes a plain placard.