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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.10 or greater.




Its free iOS companion Menu Minder is available in the App Store.




MenuMinder Screenshot


MenuMinder has an incredible amount of features that allow you to maximize your workflow.


Easy instructions on use:

Select “New Reminder…” from the menu to compose your message and set the date and time for it to go off in an editor window.

A convenient “Quick Reminder” popup lets you pick from a set of customizable times relative to the current time, or choose a date and time with the picker.

Select a menu reminder to edit or delete it.

Since the app runs in the menu bar you can create reminders while you work in another app.

Reminders can be repeating. In the reminder editor window click the Options button to specify a date and time interval to repeat the reminder. In options you can also request an alarm at some time before the reminder itself goes off.

A reminder can behave as an alarm because you can attach tasks to them. Click the Task button in the editor window to do so. If you opt to not have reminder windows displayed the task is still executed.

Tasks can perform these operations:

• Open a URL

• Play a song

• Open a document

• Launch an application

Clicking on the app’s clock icon in the menu bar will display all your reminders as menu items, sortable by:

• The time it is set to go off

• Its text

• The date it was created

You can print all the reminders as a list to a printer or PDF, or copy it to the clipboard, in the same sort order as the menu items.

Import from Calendar! You can sync MenuMinder with your Calendar, creating reminders automatically for those events. Syncing will import the next week of events. You can sync from the menu or Preferences.

In Preferences you can assign a default task that will be assigned to every reminder you create.

Select “Preferences…” from the menu to configure the app.

Preferences include:

• Not displaying reminders as alert windows

• Specifying a default task for each new reminder

• Customizing the “Quick Reminder” popup items

• Choosing a graphical or textual date-time picker

• Choosing the menu bar icon

• Syncing events with your Calendar



•  If there is a text selection in a 'New Reminder' window, then the 'Crazy Text' feature will only apply to that selected text, otherwise it will apply to all the text in the text view.


• Type 'Command-F' to search in the text views of 'New Reminder', 'Reminder Alert' and 'Print' windows. It is implemented as a 'font bar' inside the text view. Use the arrow buttons in the search bar to move to each occurrence.


• You can search your reminders by selecting 'Print...' from the Options menu item. When the Print window opens type Command-F to open the search bar. Use the arrow buttons adjacent to the search field to move between instances of the search query.