Menu Bar To Do List & Reminders

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.10 or greater.




Its free iOS companion Menu Minder is available in the App Store.



The gallery visually describes the various parts of MenuMinder. Click on the images to see them up close.

Select 'New Reminder..." from the menu to compose a message:


The two main windows

When a reminder fires it can be displayed in an alert window. All current alert windows may be hidden, shown and printed from a print preview.


Use the print preview to search reminders by typing Command-F.


The file list window

Particularly noteworthy is the ability to save and reload reminders from files.


Such documents are compatible with the iOS version.


The movie viewer window

If you enable global hot keys you can show and hide all current alerts with command keys.


Note: the app icon in the menu bar displays the number of current reminders.


Also, the menu itself will list the first 40 characters of each of the current alert reminders.


The movie splitter window

MenuMinder can play a random or specific sound when a reminder fires.


You can also customize the quick reminder popup menu to set reminder alert times.


The preferences window