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Mac OS 10.6.8 or greater.


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Our business bundle is a collection of 6 applications at a great value. Download entire websites, send out bulk messages, and much more.

What can this bundle do for me?


Annotatings ($9.99)

Annotate your life and add comments to everything!


Blue Crab ($24.99)

Download entire websites. Blue Crab is your own personal web crawler.


ClipList ($24.99)

Menu bar app for managing lists of clipboard text.


iForm ($24.99)

iForm can send data from processed HTML forms using formatting templates to select recipients or use textlogs to import into a database.


Mail Clips ($9.99)

Copies properties of multiple Mail messages.


Mailings ($24.99)

A bulk email messenger. Create mailing lists for publishing news letters, email marketing campaigns, announcements and more. Mailings has the ability to send thousands of emails from your Mac with ease.

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