Photography Bundle

Software package for editing photographs and other image documents.

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System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.6.8 or greater.


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Take control of your photos and images with the Photography Bundle. 8 applications that allow anybody to apply powerful design tools to their images at a great price. Organize your pdf documents with AddPDF, make panoramas with Panorama, and take advantage of the rest of our easy-to-use photo editing apps.

What can this bundle do for me?


AddPDF ($9.99)

AddPDF is an app for joining several PDF files into one single multipage PDF file, or splitting multipage PDF files into multiple single page PDFs, one per page.


Panorama ($19.99)

Make beautiful panormas on your Mac.


PhotoReflector ($9.99)

Easily adjoin stunning reflections to your photos.


PhotosBlender ($9.99)

Blend one photo seamlessly with another.


PhotosCollage ($19.99)

An app for making photo collages.


PhotoTiles ($9.99)

Assembles a tiled photo of a folder of images, web page graphics, movie frames or PDF pages.


TilePhotos ($9.99)

TilePhotos is a very simple app that creates an array of sub-images of a given image, creating tiles from it.


TransformPicture ($9.99)

TransformPicture is a photo utility for scaling, rotating, trimming, reflecting, perspective distorting, converting, fliping and compressing copies of many pictures at once, i.e. in "batch."

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