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System Requirements:

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The Utilities Bundle includes 21 applications for a wide variety of uses, from organzing all types of data and personal information to extracting text from documents. Never forget anything again with MenuMinder, or hide that messy desktop with Shade! There are an incredible amount of apps here that can make your life easier, all together being offered at over 75% off.

What can this bundle do for me?


ClipDateTime ($9.99)

ClipDateTime is a menu bar app which copies the current date and/or time, or a date and/or time chosen from a calendar-clock control, onto the clipboard when a menu selection is made.


Commenteer ($9.99)

Commenteer is a drop utility for managing file comments in batch.


DropDownloadURL ($9.99)

DropDownloadURL is a utility for batch downloading and aggregating resources from a given URL.


DropImageURL ($9.99)

DropImageURL is an app, and service, that creates snapshots of URLs. In other words it creates an image of the URL's page that includes the portion which may not be visible in your web browser due to its dimensions being too large.


FileUtility ($9.99)

FileUtility is an application and service for deleting files and folders without using the trash and more.


FTPortal ($9.99)

FTPortal is an application that expedites uploading files to specific directories of one or more FTP servers. This is accomplished by creating and configuring multiple copies of the app. Then you upload files by dropping them onto the main window or application icon in the Finder or Dock.


GoodbyeHello ($9.99)

GoodbyeHello is an app for making files and folders invisible or visible.


IPSentinel ($9.99)

IPSentinel is an app for monitoring changes to your Mac's internal and external IP addresses.


IPAddress Sentinel ($9.99)

IPAddressSentinel is a menu bar app which displays and copies your current machines IP addresses and name.


LaunchAsRoot ($9.99)

LaunchAsRoot is an app's passport to running as superuser, i.e. with root privileges. Get it for free!


LaunchOnTime ($9.99)

LaunchOnTime is a utility for opening multiple files, apps or AppleScripts at specified times.


MenuMinder ($9.99)

An application for remembering everything. Customize MenuMinder to your life, whether it be for personal or business use. Configure reminders as SMS text messages, emails, or default pop-up windows.


MenuMover ($9.99)

MenuMover is a menu bar app for moving, copying, aliasing and archiving files and folders quickly into common folders without the need to drag and drop them, use aliases, etc.


Miana ($9.99)

Miana is a utility for setting the creation and/or modification date and/or time of a folder and all of its contents to a specified date and time.


Sequenzetto ($19.99)

Sequenzetto is a utility for reordering files in a given folder by prefixing their filenames with appropriately formatted indices.


Shade ($9.99)

Hide your messy desktop with the click of a button!


SyncFF ($9.99)

SyncFF is a utility app and service for setting the modification and creation date of folders to the most recent modification date of their contained files (and, optionally, folders).


Twotade ($9.99)

Twotade is a drag and drop app utility for setting the creation dates of files and folders to the modification date, and conversely.


WebSentinel ($9.99)

WebSentinel is a utility for monitoring the content of web pages for search terms at a scheduled time, optionally on a periodic basis.


WordDump ($9.99)

WordDump is an application for extracting all the words from documents, or text selections, and presenting them as a list, optionally accompanied by their frequency in the document.


Xiafunge ($9.99)

Xiafunge is a utility for changing the extensions of files in batch.

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