Transform video and audio to art.

Fully functional trial.

System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.11 or greater.



Spectra is available for iOS.


These are screenshots of Spectra running on an iPad.


Read this for an understanding how Spectra operates.


Click images to zoom.


Turn Video Into Art


In this sample, the graphics line length and width is modulated by the audio.


This is the 'Linear' spectra type.



Color From Video Frames


This sample illustrates the radial arc alternative spectra type.



Line & Arc Length From Sound Level


Start with one of the presets to get started. Then alter the various control values to acheive different affects.



Vary Controls For Countless Possibilities


Even changing the dimensions of the spectra will alter its appearance.



Save As PNG or Resolution Independent PDF


You can save the graphic as a PDF file to be printed at any resolution desired since it is 'resolution independent'.