Menu bar app for managing lists of clipboard text.

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System Requirements:

macOS 10.14


The gallery illustrates the use ClipList with screen shots of it in action. Click on the images to view them up close.


Add the current clipboard text contents to the ClipList menu using its "Save Clipboard" menu item. The text below this command is the current text on the clipboard. When selected the formatted text is saved, and a plain text menu item consisting of the beginning of the text is added to the list.


You can also use a service to add clipboard items to the list.To add a text selection in an app to ClipList using the Services menu you must make sure that the services item is selected in Services Preferences.


After you install ClipList and launch it, access the Services Preferences from any services menu in any app. In the text section look for the service item labelled "Save to ClipList" and make sure it is selected. You can also enter a keyboard command to invoke the service. Click down in the area to the right of the service title to start an edit, then type the keyboard characters you want to make up the shortcut.


Once the service item is activated it will appear in the text section of the Services menu for any app that has a text selection and also supports services that operate on text.


After the service item is invoked, either by selecting it from the services menu, or by using the keyboard shortcut you assigned to it, the text selection will appear the the ClipList list of clippings.


When you select any clipping in the ClipList list it will be immediately pasted into the frontmost application, provided it has a paste edit menu item that has the standard keyboard shortcut "Command-V."


You can save the current clip list in the menu, then remove all its items from the menu and start a new list. You can also "open" a saved clip list, and the list of text items it contains will be added to the clip list in the menu. In this way you can manage sets of clippings, and easily switch between them.