Versatile form server and processor.

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System Requirements:

macOS 10.14


iForm and Mailings

iForm integrates with our bulk emailer Mailings in that you can use iForm to build and manage subscription mailings lists for use by Mailings.


You can use iForm to implement a form which collects email addresses for a mailing list as a group in Address Book, and then distribute newsletters, product announcements, etc. to that list with Mailings.

The iForm tour's primary objective is to present this application of iForm that builds an email distribution list of cards in Apple's Address Book. Each card's data is obtained by soliciting a person's name and email address on a form.


The simple form is served by iForm, and the form submission is processed by iForm. This form processing involves saving the submitted data into a card of a particular Address Book group using an AppleScript. Refer to the Tour Sample to see how this is done.