The professional Mac email messenger.

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System Requirements:

macOS 10.14


Mailings is a mature high-performance mail delivery app for sending personalized email messages to large groups of contacts. For business or personal use, Mailings is capable of sending thousands of messages, or just a hundred, directly and privately from your own Mac. In other words Mailings is a bulk email app for the Mac!


What can Mailings do for me?


Publish Newsletters.

Keep in touch with friends and family. Connect with your customers.


Create Email Marketing Campaigns.

Spread news of your products and services VIA BULK EMAIL. Track who’s reading with Mailings built-in message tracking.


Send Postcards & Announcements.

Use Mac OS X Mail’s Stationery to send holiday greetings or special announcements.

And much, much more...

Mailings is packed with features. Address book support, message monitor, embedded images, secure (SSL) messaging. Send web pages as bulk email and easily import contacts.

Mailings Screenshot

Try the demo. Fully functional.

Note: This is legacy software and requires macOS 10.14 Mojave, the last macOS that supports 32 bit software.