Menu Minder

To Do Reminders

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For macOS 10.15 and above


Never forget anything ever again. Menu Minder is an app with identical interface and features on iOS and macOS for organizing reminders.


Keep your plans in order and make sure you are reminded of the tasks and plans you have set for yourself.


Reminders are color coded when they repeat.


macOS and iOS


Menu Minder uses notifications and internal alerts. You can have reminders repeat hourly, daily, weekly, etc.


macOS and iOS


Reminders can be saved into reminder sets that are Menu Minder documents. These documents can be saved and shared. You can email them, or save them in Files.


macOS and iOS


If you use iCloud you can view and edit the same reminders on your desktop and mobile devices.


macOS and iOS


If you use Siri you can view and create reminders quickly from the lock screen.


macOS and iOS