Create beautiful high-resolution photo collages.

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System Requirements:

macOS 10.14 or above


Mosaic creates collages consisting of tiles arranged according to a wide variety of layout templates.


Mosaic contains 345 built-in templates, and you can make your own in the Mosaic iOS editor, or download many additional templates from the website here using the Safari web browser, or inside the app itself.


Templates can be dragged in both directions between the Mosaic My Templates pane and the Finder, and from the templates webpage provided here to the My Templates pane.



Each template can be rotated 90º left, rotated 90º right, flipped vertically or flipped horizontally.



Mosaic has a feature called Jumble. This mode of Mosaic randomly places the centers of each tile in the view. Each time Jumble is executed a new arrangment is presented, and the tile placement can be adjusted.



Photos can be tiled into an array of rectangular subimages. The number of rows and columns in the array can vary from 1 to 9, such 2x2, 3x5, 5x7, 9x9 etc. These tiles can then be added to the collage.


A 2x2 sample tiling generates four images:




Try the demo. Fully functional.