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System Requirements:

macOS 10.14


Compare Mailings to Other Emailers

The following table of comparisons was adapted from the Direct Mail website which omitted Mailings. So I am completing that table by adding the information about Mailings. See the original here.


As noted in the linked notes for Mailings below, the Mailings philosophy is to not re-invent the wheel as certain functionality can often be better provided by other third party products Mailings is intended to work with.


For example, take message composition. Mailings can send messages created in Mail using its stationery feature. Since such messages are composed in Mail, you have all the editing power of Mail combined with the extensive array or tempates available by thrid parties for creating compelling HTML messages for a mass emailing via Mailings.


The Mailings Help files, in particular the Quick Start and Tour, provide further examples of such integration with other products.


The comparison below introduces a new golden checkmark whose meaning is: = Mailings has alternative solutions to acheive similar functionality.


Each feature is linked to a popup window with supplementary elaboration. Click the feature to read them.

Feature (Click on a feature for more info.)

Mailings 2

Direct Mail Pro

Direct Mail

MaxBulk Mailer Pro


Mac Mass Mailer

Easy-to-use message editor with custom fonts, colors, and styles

Drag and drop images, movies, and other attachments into your messages

Write your own custom HTML messages

Personalize your messages with custom mail-merge tags

Embed PHP into your messages

Junk mail filter to catch possible problems with your message

Full support for all international and special characters

Attach document to your messages

Preview your message before it's sent

Automated subscription lists


Share your mailing list with others

Import addresses from CSV files

Import addresses from Apple Address Book

Import addresses from Apple Mail

Import addresses from Microsoft Entourage

Import addresses from MySQL

Automatically sync mailing list with MySQL database

Verify email address accuracy before delivery

Batch tools for moving/deleting addresses

Provides convenient delivery service

Scheduled deliveries

Bypass ISP and deliver directly to recipient

Set up multiple SMTP accounts

Automatic configuration of SMTP settings

Connection doctor to troubleshooting connectivity problems

Detailed tracking reports on who viewed your message and when

Scan your inbox for bounces, subscribe, and unsubscribe requests